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Point resection (wedge)

Dr. F. Caron uses advanced technique to reduce the prominence and hyperpigmentation of labia minora. A tip on each side is removed either full thickness or partial wedge depending on the anatomy of the patient. The darker pigmentation can be removed if it is central, however a trim may be necessary if the hyperpigmentation is all along the length of the labia minora.

Point resection with extension

This technique of labiaplasty is the most frequently used by Dr. F. Caron. Some patients also have an excess in the clitoral hood and the wedge, can be extended with a clitoral component to excise the excess, which can increase the spreading effect of the labia minora when the patient is standing up. The wedge technique is extended forward on each side of the clitoris, the incision camouflaging itself in the fold already present between the small and large lip.

Peak resection with posterior release of the fork

Some patients have posterior communication between their two labia minora and if this is not taken into consideration during the surgery, this can lead to discomfort during sex afterwards. Dr. F. Caron will evaluate the anatomy of each patient and decide if the posterior part needs to be released by a small incision.

Labia majora reduction

Also the labia majora can be modified by different techniques such as fat grafting, direct resection, or radiofrequency.

Direct excision is done elliptically by concealing the scar in the crease between the labia minora and majora. This procedure can be combined with labiaplasty but the recovery will be longer.

Would you like to know more about the investment required for the labiaplasty procedure?

Reduction of clitoral excess

Excess skin on either side of the clitoris can be resected without labiaplasty if there is no excess in the labia minora. The incisions are camouflaged in the natural folds on each side of the clitoris.

Aging also affects the labia majora, making them lush and empty.
Dr. F. Caron will examine your anatomy and according to your wishes will advise you on the possible procedures of fat injection or fillers.

Studies have also shown very high patient satisfaction rates (over 95%).

Other facts about labiaplasty

Many women do not really know the real terminology of how they feel, is it the vagina, the pubic area or the lips? Some women are uncomfortable with the appearance of their vaginal lips. The labia minora can protrude labia majora that may be less aesthetic but also uncomfortable in swimsuit, yoga pants, during activities such as cycling or horseback riding. Sexual intercourse can also become uncomfortable or bothersome if the labia minora are too long or pendulous. Dr. F. Caron wants to inform patients of the different possible options by discussing the anxieties, discomforts and desires of patients without embarrassment. For some patients aesthetics genes, for others their labia minor are harmful to activities.

Each woman is different, each vaginal lip is different and the intervention is adapted for each of them. That is why during your consultation with Dr. F. Caron, she will discuss with you your expectations and desires but also tell you honestly what is achievable or not according to your anatomical particularities and your requests. Labiaplasty, also known as external vaginal surgery, is a procedure that reduces or rearranges the tissues covering the clitoris and vaginal opening. The goal is also to define the labia minora. Some patients will benefit from a simpler trim while more frequently Dr. F. Caron uses the wedge technique described by Dr. Gary Alter with or without extension to reduce the excess in the clitoral hood. Dr. F. Caron will offer you the method that suits you and will explain the advantages and disadvantages. Most women are very tolerant of this procedure under topical anesthesia and then local infiltration, listening to music, a Netflix TV series or a movie for entertainment during the intervention which lasts approximately one hour.

Recovery after labiaplasty is usually quite simple. The first 2-3 days are more painful, then you should avoid any exercise for 2 weeks and sexual activity (and tampon insertion) for 4 to 6 weeks. Most women are back at work for 3 and 5 days. Most often incisions heal quickly and leave scars not very apparent. In post-surgery Dr. F. Caron will give you a document indicating exactly what to do and not to do.

It is important for patients considering labiaplasty to consult a plastic surgeon or a gynecologist specialized in labia surgery. Your surgeon should put you at ease and listen to your concerns as well as inform you of options for getting the desired result, as well as possible complications. It is important for patients to understand the technique used, its advantages and disadvantages, and to be comfortable asking questions to their surgeon.

You may hear the controversy around this procedure. Some groups are against this procedure because according to them it is not necessary and purely aesthetic. Dr. F. Caron explains to her patients that the decision is their personal choice in the same sense that a patient with a lump on her nose plans a rhinoplasty or a patient with small breasts desires an increase. All of these conditions are normal variants of anatomy and do not require intervention. 

Do not hesitate to ask all your questions about labiaplasty to Dr. F. Caron who is a specialist in this field.